• Going up?
    Bsharp and Biz make a brief visit to the capital and the coast

Uruguay 2006

  • Mel the magic fire twirler
    Bizarro and BSharp rescuing turtles in the oriental republic of Uruguay.


  • Las manos y el árbol - The hands and the tree
    BSharp and Bizarro rumaging through the remains of ancient civilisations in the heart of Inca territory


  • Isla Del Solar
    Strangers in a strange land, BSharp and Bizarro on the altiplano

Argentina 2005

  • Img_3716
    BSharp and Bizarro lowbag across the second biggest country in South America, from the spectacular waterfalls and incan ruins in the north to the spectacular glaciers in the south, all the way to the end of the world...

Cuba 2005

  • Che Bizarro
    The highs and lows of Cuba in the 21st Century

Czech Republic 2005

  • Prague_vista
    Adventures in the Czech Republic, 2005.

Hong Kong 2005

  • The cool and groovy back streets of Hong Kong
    Bee Sharp and Bizarro's stopover in the Special Administrative Zone of Hong Kong.

Berlin 2005

  • Welcome to Euroland!
    Biz and Bee Sharp at large in the former capital of the GDR, investigating the remains of the infamous Berlin Wall and getting the dope on the last days of Nazi terror.

Spain 2005

  • Imagen_077
    Biz and BeeSharp's Spanish Adventures 2005

Holland 2005

  • Img_3019
    Bizarro and BSharp tilting at windmills in the low lying lands of Holland.

United Kingdom 2005

  • Imagen_168
    In Limey Land for a visit to BSharp's relos.
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